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Address the Biochemical Leg of the Recovery Stool Using the Power of  Amino Acid Therapy

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Academy for Addiction & Mental Health Nutrition

The Academy for Addiction & Mental Health Nutrition believes that all addictive disorders, as well as MANY MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES, are driven by nutrient and neurotransmitter imbalances in the brain that can often be successfully addressed without the need for psychotropic medication.

A stable, well-functioning, and well-nourished brain is required for clients to effectively address the emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual issues, which impact their lives and need to be worked through for a successful recovery.

We teach clinicians, treatment providers and health/recovery coaches how to reduce cravings and recurrent use, and improve the quality of recovery by using amino acid and nutrient therapy, along with diet to effectively address many biochemical aspects of addictive and mood/behavioral disorders.

Our Amino Acid Therapy Training Courses

Address the Biochemical leg of the recovery stool using the power of Amino Acid Therapy. Empower your clients to attain stability in their lives. Check out our Level 1 CORE and Level 2 ADVANCED  Online Certification Courses.

Level 1 CORE Training​

Certifications in Amino Acid Therapy for Addiction Recovery and Sustained Mental Health

The  five-month, Level 1 CORE Training   program thoroughly introduces students to the use of amino acids, specific crucial nutrients and diet in addressing symptoms of neurotransmitter depletion, such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, cravings and relapse. The use of vitamin and mineral co-factors, blood sugar regulation, and the 5-Star Pro~Recovery Diet ©, all of which are critical to brain function are covered in detail.

Level 2 ADVANCED Training

Certifications in Amino Acid Therapy for Addiction Recovery and Sustained Mental Health

The eight-month, Level 2 ADVANCED Training program applies the tenets of functional biochemistry and functional nutrition to mental health and addiction recovery including a focus on digestion and absorption, dysbiosis and food intolerances, hormone regulation, nutritional causes of major mental illnesses, nutritional approaches to pain and insomnia, and the effects of toxicity and brain inflammation on mood, pain and behavior.

Reduce Relapse! Save Lives! Feed the Brain first!

Effectively address the biochemical aspects

Access to guided mentorship by leading experts

Certifications in Amino Acid Therapy

The Founder

Christina Veselak MS, LMFT, CN

Lead Instructor, Founder, Director

Christina T. Veselak is the founder and director of the Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition. She has been a licensed psychotherapist for over 30 years, and currently provides on-line Relapse Prevention Coaching and Mental Health Nutrition to a wide variety of clients.

Christina consults for supplement companies as well as IV detox programs and residential addiction treatment, helping them integrate this life-saving nutritional approach into their programs.

Success Stories

Bryce Arnett

First and foremost, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to you for putting together the recent conference in KC. I don’t think my brain has swelled so much since college, what, with all of that delicious information I absorbed! Your intelligence and passion when it comes to mental health and amino acid therapy is breathtakingly beautiful. When I think of all the lives you’ve bettered and/or saved, I not only feel emotional, I feel a deep-rooted desire to serve others in the same fashion. You see, people are my passion, and it’s taken my entire adult life to finally discover how I can utilize that passion for the greater good. And for that, I want to thank you.

Steve S. Addiction Counselor

I want to say how much I enjoyed the class and the information presented and how much sense this all makes if you stop and look at it. The alcohol relapse and hypoglycemia is spot on. I think if we can just get the recovering person to embrace this one factor, things would be so much different for them. Thank you for the work you do and your sincerity in this. It shows how much you care.

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    Addressing the actual biology of addiction

    Addressing the actual biology of addiction

    Academy For Addiction And Mental Health Nutrition Alumni Success Story By KM Christina Veselak can change your life. She did mine. With multifaceted approaches to the whole person, I felt

    This is changing lives!

    This is changing lives!

    Academy For Addiction And Mental Health Nutrition Alumni Success Story By Shelly Wahlstrom I became interested in Amino Acid Therapy by watching a short story on the news about how

    Apply Common Sense to Relapse Prevention – Feed The Brain First!

    It’s Our Brain's Job to Cope With Stress Gracefully If It’s Fed Optimally: Are clients feeding their brains optimally? Watch this video and learn the common-sense secret.

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