Aminos are the foundation to healing my brain!

I am an addict and a lifelong co-dependent, who tried almost anything that kept me emotionally twisted up and always on the hunt for the next addiction in hopes of easing the incessant craving and fill the insatiable emptiness inside.

After taking Aminos for almost a year, I ‘settled’ enough to hear and understand my brain had been damaged by trauma. It breaks my heart when I remember all the years I operated under the illusion I had a fully functional brain and beat myself up because I believed I was deeply flawed, defective and worthless. I destroyed relationships, my self-confidence, and almost my life.

I know aminos are the foundation to healing my brain. Instead of running from my feelings, with the help of aminos I have learned to listen to my mind and body and have a baseline. I recognize when I am emotional struggling or have falling off the rails and it is time to take a DPA and if I feel one isn’t enough it is okay to take what I need until I feel okay again. Aminos have given me the power to help myself, to feel I can make a rational choice and to feel pride in my accomplishment and progress.

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