Are You Ready for a Craving Cure?

Learn About Your Cravings, Curb Them, Stay Healthy

What is your craving profile? 

Which foods are you most attracted to? 

How many of them belong to the unhealthy group of foods? 

Can you work towards controlling the craving for these food items to achieve both short-term and long-term health goals? 

Finding answers to these questions is crucial and may allow you to not only stick to a healthy diet but to put a lid on eating stuff that isn’t doing your body any good.

The answers to these and many more questions are to be found in the newest book by my long-time colleague and teacher, Julia Ross. The book, The Craving Cure, is a masterpiece, and is the culmination of her over a 30-year career, finding nutrient solutions to eating disorders and other addictive, mood and behavioral issues.

For starters, she exposes the fact that most of our favorite snack items have addiction in their design. When you develop a taste for them, it is hard to keep away from them. That then results in overeating, which further results in shame, fatigue, depression, and anxiety and which slowly but steadily cause your health to deteriorate. So, how do you manage your craving or in better words, cure your craving?

You have to directly attack the area where it all emanates from – your brain. Right from your eating habits to your fitness routine and everything else – your brain influences everything. If you support your brain adequately, by feeding it optimally with the right food and nutrients, more than half the battle will be won. Amino acids can be used to support neurotransmitters inside our brains that are responsible for controlling our appetite. So, how does this work? Amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, and can be bought online or at any vitamin store, enable our neurotransmitters to transmit a sense of satisfaction inside the brain that decreases many cravings.

And there is specific amino acid support a for people with different craving profiles. Along with keeping blood sugar stable by eating protein every 4 hours (for most people), there can be no better way to have control over your appetite. By understanding the sources of your cravings, and feeding your brain appropriately by using amino acids and the right food plan for your genetic type, you might not only lose weight but also reach a state of optimal emotional and physical health. To learn more about this approach and how to support your clients more effectively, join our online and live classes through The Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition.


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