Redefining Health Coaching: A Course That Reshapes Our Understanding of Brain Function and Behavior

Ketino Beim, MA Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Barre Instructor, recently shared her thoughts on the Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition’s level one course. She described it as a course that truly makes a difference. “The Life-Changing Mental Health & Nutrition Course” Ketino […]

Transform Your Practice with Amino Acid Therapy

Reflecting on her journey, Jayne attributes much of her success to the education and insights from the Academy’s training. She highly recommends this course to nutrition, mental health, or addiction practitioners to commit to this program, recognizing its power to break down stigmas and a deeper understanding of mental health biochemistry.

Dylan Lundgren’s Journey with the Academy of Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition 

In the world of addiction recovery, nutrition often takes a backseat. However, within the Academy of Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition, individuals like Dylan Lundgren, a TEDx Speaker, and Addiction Recovery Advocate, are discovering its transformative power under the guidance of Christina Veselak.

Success Story: We now have hope and a sense of family unity

So although we are unsure of what the future will bring, and the expression, “one day at a time” has never felt more relatable, we have hope and a sense of family unity that would not even have been a distant dream without this work and the vast knowledge and generosity that Christina has shared with us.