Don’t miss the Plate Up 4 Recovery!

Plate Up 4 Recovery
Feed Your Brain…Change Your Life!

This Online Wellness Course will transform your life!
Cooking, Eating, Self-Care, Meditation & Vibrant Health

Class 1
The 5 Star Pro-recovery Diet
Making Time To Eat And Self-care
Recovery Coaching Class

Tuesday, Sept 5th 5:30 PM MT

Class 2
Breakfast Plate & Recipes…your Morning Recovery Ritual… Set Your Day In A Healthy Recovery Flow
Recovery Coaching Class
Tuesday, Oct 19th 5:30 PM MT


Class 3
Lunch Plate & Recipes…your Afternoon Recovery Ritual
Keep Your Energy In Balance.
Recovery Coaching Class
Tuesday, Nov 2nd 5:30 PM MT

Class 4
Dinner Plate & Recipes…your Evening Recovery
Ritual…winding Down & Restorative Sleep Coaching
Recovery Coaching Class
Tuesday Nov 16th 5:30 PM MT

Class 5
Dessert & My Life Plate…putting It All Together; Cooking, Shopping, Meal Planning, Work, Family, Exercise, Spiritual Mediation Practice…fun!
Recovery Coaching Class
Tuesday Nov 30th 5:30 Mst Last Class…a Big Bang Of Health Nuggets!!!

Full Course Price Includes;
* 5 live and recorded video coaching classes
* Each class has a meditation and relaxing breath exercise
* Meal Plans, Recipes and Recovery Nutrition Lifestyle handouts for each class
* Cooking, shopping & kitchen set up videos

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