Feed the Brain, First!​

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Amino Acids and Dietary Strategies to powerfully support addiction and mental health recovery. Effectively reduce cravings, withdrawal symptoms, depression, anxiety, irritability and insomnia.

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What does brain health, gut health and diet have to do with it?

Learn about the critical role that the Pro-Recovery 5 Star diet, nutrient support, amino acid therapy, and a healthy gut play in reducing cravings,  relapse, depression, anxiety & insomnia.

What will you learn?

By the end of this cutting edge training, you will have a greatly expanded understanding of why what and when we eat matters to recovery and emotional well-being, and you will have a greatly expanded toolkit from which to create policy as well as to support client improvement.  

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Earn 12 Continuing Education Credits!

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Who Should Attend?

Discover Why This Course is Essential for Mental Health and Nutrition Professionals

People who are wanting a quick intensive introduction to understanding and effectively addressing the biochemistry of addiction and mental health issues without psychotropic medication.

These includes, Doctors | Nurses | Psychotherapists | Psychiatrists | Social Workers | Law Enforcement | Addiction Counselors | Marriage And Family Therapists | Defense And District Attorneys | Judges | Probation And Parole Officers | Recovery Coaches​

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Our Speakers

christina veselak

Christina Veselak
Lead Instructor, Founder, Director


Debra Filla
Builder, and Owner of Inside Out


Pati Reiss
Level 1 Core Instructor 5-star Pro~recovery Diet ©


  • Conceptual Overview
  • Key Concepts in Amino Acid Therapy & Neurotransmitter Function
  • Fill out your own Amino Acid Chart and Q&A
  • Catecholamine Support for Energy, Focus and Drive, & Reward Deficiency Syndrome
  • Serotonin Support for Mellow Moods, Calm Sleep/SSRI Withdrawal
  • Endorphin Support for Comfort & Opioid Withdrawal
  • GABA Support for Relaxation and Benzodiazepine Withdrawal
  • Crucial Co-Factors
  • Gut Health in Mood, Behavior and Addiction Recovery
  • Hypoglycemia
  • 5-Star Pro-Recovery Diet

Course Fees

$900/Feed the Brain, First! Short Intensive Course *Regular Price*

*Access to our Watch-on-demand class *Personal/Online Amino Acid Therapy Chart *Downloadable Handouts from lessons *Downloadable Presentation PDFs from lessons 

Why I Am Offering this Intensive Training: Feed the Brain, First!

There are powerful nutritional tools for healing, accessible to almost every single struggling person, that have been virtually ignored and at times slandered by the powers-that-be in the mental health and addiction treatment world. As far back as the 1950s Bill W himself, (the co-founder of AA), as well as pioneers in the field of nutritional psychiatry (originally called Orthomolecular Psychiatry) experienced the power of nutrient therapy to decrease cravings for alcohol, and reduce symptoms of schizophrenia. He was actually the person who popularized the use of the name vitamin B3, as opposed to niacin. Studies were done and replicated. High dose vitamin C was validated in the 1970s as a powerful antidote to heroin withdrawal symptoms. In 1966 Dr. Harry Salzar identified  that 95% of people with alcohol use disorders tested positive for Reactive Hypogylcemia when given a 5 hour Glucose Tolerance Test. Current treatment programs who use this test find the same thing. This has dramatic implications for cravings and relapse.  James Milam in Under the Influence stresses how blood sugar control is crucial to successful recovery. In 1983, Ohio Chief Probation Officer, Barbara Stitt published the book, Food, Teens and Behavior, which documented the relationship between poor food intake and violent crime in her juvenile population. 

It was republished in 2004 as Food and Behavior: A Natural Connection.  Dr. Kenneth Blum, who has pioneered genetic research, beginning in the 1980s, on the snps which predispose people to certain addictive and behavior disorders, was also a pioneer in doing research with amino acid formulas, designed to rebuild depleted neurotransmitter systems, thus reducing cravings and withdrawal.  

Much research has been done, but very few people know it. You and your clients deserve to know about it. This information is crucial to those in the criminal justice field, mental health and addiction treatment. Dr. Kristen Allott, a naturopathic doctor in Seattle, author of Feed Your Brain, Not Your Anxiety, found that when clients in Family Court were given protein bars, that they were much more calm and coherent in front of the judge, that those who had not recently eaten protein. 

I want to educate you about what we call The Third Leg of the Stool: how supporting brain health through diet and targeted supplementation can quickly transform your clients’ lives, and even your own and provide an effective foundation to any recovery pathway your clients might choose. 

Christina Veselak