Level 2 Alumni Success Story

After completing your coursework and what I’ve learned, I am very much interested in shifting my focus to paranoid schizophrenia. I ordered The Natural Medicine Guide to Schizophrenia by Stephanie Marohn and I’m excited to read it.
I will most likely acquire all the books you’ve recommended in the program. I’m going to need a bookshelf!! 🙂 Upon looking back at my own medical records from the neuropsychiatric I used to see, I am quite certain this is what I had.
I no longer have those symptoms since I’ve been self-treating for 14 years. I have been using holistic nutrition as my primary treatment without even realizing the benefits of B6, B12, and zinc, especially for my treatment.
Reading the text and attending your program has really made things make sense in my own healing journey. With the exception of amino acids (which I now take), I was unaware that these nutrients were helping me heal. You have really helped me put this all together and I’m so grateful for you and what you have done to help me. I have not been having the same psychiatric issues as before since implementing everything I’ve learned.
I also don’t feel the need to take my aminos daily as my cravings for substances have almost completely disappeared. Every now and then the thoughts will circulate in my mind but they quickly pass. The uncontrolled spontaneous consumption of the addictive substances is turning into a distant memory.
For myself, I realized steps were needed in lieu of “cold turkey”. While weaning off substances, I did not allow myself to feel as if I had “relapsed” when consumption occurred because I was actually making responsible conscious decisions prior to engaging whereas before the urge and execution of consumption were unconscious. I wouldn’t even realize what I had done until after the fact. In addition, instead of feeling guilt, I focused on the positive fact that I made a conscious decision in the most responsible manner possible and focused on that. This allowed me to forgo any guilt and shame associated with it.
I feel very good about all this and I’m really looking forward to helping others in the same manner. I actually view my condition as a blessing for that reason. I remember what it was like to sit across from MDs and feel like they couldn’t truly help me because they couldn’t relate but I CAN relate to those like me and know I will be able to provide a sense of connection to those who I work with for that reason. 

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