How much protein a day should I eat to support recovery and what type?

We recommend that you eat a minimum of 15-20 grams of protein every 3-4 hours. This equals 60-80 grams per day.

Petite women might be able to get away with 40 grams a day, especially if their blood type is not O. O’s seems to need more animal protein for optimal health.

Tall, robust bodybuilders need much more! 3 eggs equal about 21 grams, ½ c cottage cheese is about 20, as is a piece of fish or meat about the size of your palm. Protein is so important because the body uses it to make skin, enzymes, blood, and muscles along with the brain chemicals that help us cope with stress.

If we don’t eat enough protein over time, the brain cannot make enough of these crucial chemicals, and we will start to crave our drug or behavior of choice. Our blood sugar is also more likely to drop too low, and low blood sugar interferes with our ability to remember to use our recovery skills when a stressor hits.

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