Academy For Addiction And Mental Health Nutrition Alumni Success Story

By Jen Bruce

“Thank you! My rustiness showed up in my aminos….I know we use those first to stabilize and repair while digging deeper.

Also, upon review, I don’t have handouts for nutrition and pharmaceutical treatments for anorexia and bulimia. In the slides it only covers symptoms. Am I missing some things? If so can you resend them?

Thank you so much for everything! Learning from you has changed my life and my entire outlook on addiction and mental health. I’m questioning everything I knew up until this past year. Your personal story and that of your daughters are so touching and inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story with me.

I also just graduated the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a health coach with another certification in gut health. I am graduating Andrea Nakayama s program in a few months and now am certified in Himalayan yoga, wisdom and meditation. 

AA saved my life, but the above gave me a quality of life that I was told over and over wasn’t possible for me. I am able to work preventatively with my daughter and have medical records for her to see all because of what I have learned from you and me being able to apply it to what happened to me and my family members. My gratitude is beyond words for this.

I am going on line and creating a monthly membership with a meal planner, shopping lists, time and money saving tips, and cooking classes for people in recovery looking to take it to the next level and in an effort to reach more people at an affordable cost. The only way to get this information out is from the ground up, big pharma will never sell this. My primary goal with the rest of my career is to get as many people informed and of and inspired by the importance of nutrition in recovery as possible! 

 I am creating transformational courses for people to work through the four R’s in a supportive group where they can learn their biotype and learn how to heal themselves through diet, supplements, breath/yoga/meditation as well as education and wisdom to help people correct their thinking. I will be incorporating all of the primary food (balanced lifestyle practices) I learned at IIN. 

I will be using my website as an informational platform and blog with tons of free content for people as well.

I never planned on going public with my addiction story, but after learning everything I have this last year, I know it would be wrong for me not to share what I now know with anyone who will listen. If somebody would have informed me earlier, I wonder what my life may have looked like (no regrets!).

As part of this, I am creating a podcast library from experts in the field to help widen people’s perspectives of addiction, treatment, and recovery. Would you be open to recording one with me sometime?”

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