Mark Styles, CRNC2, has a lifetime of experience in marketing, sales and business expansion. He has over 20 years working in a variety of positions in the addiction treatment field. These positions include being co-owner of a residential treatment program; consulting with programs that were closing due to not enough clients and making them profitable; being treatment placement coordinator for a TV show on addiction; and creating the first women’s-and men’s-only groups in a mixed-gender treatment center program in the UK. He has created RecoveryBlueprints, which identify the exact drivers of a person’s addictive process, and has used them to help many clients and their families over the past 10 or so years to enter and stay in long-term recovery. He also spearheaded a series of free weekly Live Life Beyond clubs throughout the UK,  which help people get on personalized amino acid and nutrient protocols, eat better and build recovery skills within a supportive community. Mark is passionate about empowering treatment systems and services to focus on delivering the achievement of 5-years remission for entire families rather than the short-term focus that characterizes current treatment. Mark’s passion as part of the Academy is to empower students to effectively impact the world with their new skills and knowledge and to build their dream jobs and practices.