Stephanie Small


Stephanie Small is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and nutritionist. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Yale University, her Masters of Social Work from Smith College for Social Work, and certifications in Holistic Nutrition Education and Mental Health Nutrition from Bauman College and the Academy for Addiction & Mental Health Nutrition.

Stephanie ran the nutrition program at a substance abuse recovery center in Denver for two years and has trained in trauma therapy, internal parts work, somatic therapies, and more.

Mental Health Nutrition is the foundation for all of her work. “Frankly, I think every human should know this stuff — but it’s especially effective for people with mood disorders, eating disorders, insomnia, and substance abuse struggles. I recommend starting here — because why chase our tails trying to heal your anxiety and insomnia when balancing your biochemistry could do it for us?”

She currently maintain a private practice online and in Boulder and Denver, CO, writes for national and local publications, consult for mental health agencies and substance abuse recovery centers, and speak at live events.