This is changing lives!

By Shelly Wahlstrom

I became interested in Amino Acid Therapy by watching a short story on the news about how it helps recovering addicts stay sober and not relapse. The story was on IV Amino Acid Therapy. It is really expensive, but I figured there had to be research behind this. I felt a strong need to learn more because of a close family member who has struggled for many years and also because I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and wanted to be able to help them better.  I researched online and found a treatment center out of Florida that listed the aminos, but didn’t go into detail on how much to give someone. I talked to the CEO of the center and he was so helpful and told me they were holding a class in SLC, UT in two weeks.

I signed up and it was amazing. Christina taught the class and she was easy to follow and extremely knowledgeable.  After an intense three day training, I came home and started giving them to my family member.  They started working instantly.  This person had anxiety since very small. They had been to several doctors and put on several different meds, leaving them feeling like a science project and defeated.  They got hooked on alcohol and drugs as a teenager. They had been through the juvenile system, adult court system, and rehab twice. 

As of this class, they had been sober and clean for six months. The amino acids began to work quickly. Within a day, they had energy, and felt calm and relaxed.  They became a different person. They are filled with joy, calmness, acceptance. Instead of turning to anger when feeling sad, they feel the sadness and move on. 

It’s been over a month now and I feel so blessed that I was introduced to Amino Acid Therapy and Christina Veselak. This is changing lives. 

I also have a client that filled out the Amino Acid Therapy Chart and realized which aminos to buy, They ordered them online, but was anxious to get started so they went to the store and the only one they could find was 5-htp.  Before taking the 5-htp they had been drinking approximately 3 drinks a night just to release stress.  They called me 4 days later and told me that after just taking one dose, that night the craving for their evening alcohol was gone.  At first they thought it was in their head. However the next night was the same and the night night after that. It has now been almost a week and they have had no alcohol and have no desire for it. They received the rest of their amino acids today and are anxious to start taking them too because they were low in several areas.  Another testimony that these work! 

Thank you Christina for sharing this information!

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