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The videos are for informational and educational purposes only, and is not to be considered a way to diagnose or treat disease, and is protected under free speech. We teach how to use nutrition to support function, which is the permitted use of nutritional therapies. And that is why functional medicine is becoming so important; we’re starting to support the function of the body.

Christina Veselak’s Interview From WZAS Network: Eating Protein Saves Lives

Masterclass: My 3 Practice-Changing Discoveries Masterclass by Christina Veselak

Four Relapse Trigger Categories and How Biochemistry Influences Them

How to Nourish Your Brain Amino Acids and Nutrition for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery Revolution features Christina Velsalek

Feed Your Brain, First! Using Amino Acids and Nutrient Therapy with Christina Veselak,

Freedom From Tobaco Addiction – Case Presentation By Darlene Rose, Master Herbalist, Chn