Certifications in Amino Acid Therapy for Addiction Recovery and Sustained Mental Health

Why Certify?

“Certification provided Certainty”


This certification demonstrates your competency in the following areas:

  • Understand the relationship between specific nutrient deficiencies and mental health and behavioral symptoms.
  • Assess the potential need for amino acid and nutrient support of neurotransmitter function in clients who are detoxifying and recovering from substance use disorders, other addictive behaviors, psychotropic drug dependencies, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other behavior disorders.
  • Design an individualized and targeted amino acid and supplement protocol to address this potential need.
  • Identify common insufficiencies in diet, such as missing a meal or over-consumption of sugar, which may contribute to the above symptoms.
  • Give information about dietary changes, which may address these insufficiencies, and support your clients in making and maintaining these dietary and lifestyle changes.
There is a two-part application process:

The first part will demonstrate a working comprehension of the skills and concepts presented in the Level 1 CORE Training course via your six class cases, which include your three personal presentations and three written assignments

Completion of the above requirement is the prerequisite for the second part.

The second part is where you will be refining your skills within a 4-month Live Attendance Internship Group, during which you will be presenting four additional cases.

To qualify for the certification Internship Group, you must have your own private practice or be working in a professional or treatment environment where you have plenty of access to on-going clients who are willing and able to commit to a nutrient protocol.

The certification Internship Group will meet every other week on WEDNESDAYS  at either 9:00 am (morning section) or 6:15 pm (evening section) Mountain Time for 4 months, 8 consecutive biweekly groups.  Each meeting will be 1.5 – 2 hours in duration.

The certification Internship Group must be attended real-time as no video recordings will be provided, which is different from the Level 1 CORE Training.

At the culmination of your certification Internship Group experience, you will have demonstrated your attained confidence and competence in practice readiness and will be conferred CERTIFICATION as a Recovery Nutrition Coach, Tier 1 (CRNC 1) and promoted to our Website Directory of practicing coaches.

Course Completion Requirements:

I. Pass the open-book Final Exam for the course, with 90% correct answers.

II. Read 7 Weeks to Sobriety by Joan Mathews Larson, and The Mood Cure by Julia Ross, and submit a 1-2 paragraph personal reflection Book Review for each book describing what you found most valuable about the book to your practice

III. Write up your three 5~Star Pro-Recovery Diet © Menus (one each for a Vegan, Vegetarian client and Omnivore client, with grams of protein listed for each meal or snack.) 

In addition to the above requirements, in order to complete the Level 1 CORE Training course and attain CERTIFICATION, which is the prerequisite for the Certification Internship Group as well as to continue to Level 2 ADVANCED, you must: 

IV. Write up the three Assigned Cases that will be emailed to you during Month #4 of the Level 1 CORE Training.

For your three written Assigned Cases, please write out your ideas of what is happening with these clients along with your amino acid, nutrient, diet and other recommendations and send them back to us by the beginning of the fifth month.

V. Present to Christina three of your own Personal Cases. 

For your three Personal Cases to present, please make sure to include:

  • The age and gender of the client
  • A little bit about them to include a brief history of the presenting symptoms and previous treatment attempts
  • A copy of the initial Amino Acid Therapy Chart (AATC) – please go over the results
  • Any other assessment or test results
  • Initial recommendations & your reasons for those recommendations
  • Follow-up results, a follow-up AATC and further recommendations
  • Please make sure you address diet, amino acid recommendations, and at least one other nutrient intervention.

If you are taking the standard On-Line Level 1 CORE Training course, your course administrator, will reach out to you during the fourth month to select available class dates during the fifth month to present. Plan on 20 minutes per presentation for a (1)-hour time slot for all of your three Personal Cases.

The written cases and all other materials are to be emailed to us at: student@aminoacidtherapy.com

I. Complete a Level 1 CORE Training course, either On-Line or Live.

If you complete a LIVE Intensive, you must purchase and complete the follow-on Coaching Component of the Level 1 CORE Training. This includes group case presentations and submitting all required final assignment materials.       

For this option, you may present your case presentations during our monthly Consultation Group on the third Saturday of the month at 8 am Pacific Time, 9 am Mountain Time, 10 am Central Time and 11 am Eastern Time or with Christina privately. The fee for presenting your cases to Christina privately will be $150.00 per hour.

Level 1 –  $50 for 20 hours Level 2 – $80 for 32 hours Internship – $40 for 16 hours Note: $2.50 per continuing hour