Consultation Group

Christina Veselak, MS, CN, and Director of the Academy for Addiction & Mental Health Nutrition is a highly experienced mental health nutritionist and psychotherapist with a specialty in working with clients who are chronically relapsing.

Christina and the Academy are delighted to now offer our case Consultation Group on the 4th SATURDAY of the month at 11 am Eastern Time, 10 am Central Time, 9 am Mountain Time, and 8 am Pacific Time as we synergize with the Alliance for Addiction Solutions and their Clinical Roundtable on the 2nd TUESDAY of the month.

This is an ideal forum to hone your skills, ask questions and get support for your complex clients!

The Academy for Addiction & Mental Health Nutrition has as our mission to teach you how to find the “missing link” with your clients in order to reduce relapse and improve the quality of recovery by using Amino Acid Nutrient Therapy to effectively address the biochemical aspects of addiction and mood/behavioral disorders.

The pre-requisite for the Consultation Group is the Academy’s Level 1 CORE Training or comparable experience using Amino Acid Nutrient Therapy and Diet.

We know many of you are jamming as much as you possibly can into the work week and we’d like to offer you an easy atmosphere of community-building and learning opportunities on a weekend morning that is centered around personal and professional nourishment for YOU Between the Academy and the Alliance, you won’t have to go long to connect with guiding mentorship and peer support.

Bring your complex cases and learn from each other in our low-pressure and safe discussion forum.

Bring your practice success to new heights as you … Reduce Relapse! and Save Lives!

Expand your confidence. Increase your competence.

You are engaged in very meaningful work with the knowledge gained through our “Feed The Brain First!” courses and we are here to continuously support your endeavors with your trusting clients through additional learning and cementing opportunities.

We look forward to you joining us in our ever-growing community