How Functional Nutrition May Hold the Key to Successful Addiction Treatment and Recovery

I believe that Functional Nutrition and Functional Nutritionists hold the key to transforming the efficacy and success rate of addiction treatment and recovery efforts. However, addiction is not typically addressed nor taught in nutrition circles, and therefore people with addictive disorders as their primary complaint are a massively underserved population.

Nutrients Which May Reduce Cravings for Opiates

As we all know, and many people have directly experienced, people in recovery from Opioid Use Disorder can suffer from profound cravings, which often lead to continuing use. While the pharmaceutical companies offer various medications such as buprenorphine, naloxone, etc., these drugs are themselves highly […]

Some Underlying Drivers of Chronic Relapse

There are many reasons I love working with people in recovery who struggle with ongoing slips and relapses. First of all, everyone who has come to me for help is committed to sobriety and desperate for the right type of help. By the time they get to me, there is no ambivalence left. They WANT to make a new life work for them but simply haven’t found the right key. Some people have given up trying by this point because no matter what they try, it doesn’t seem to work.