Why Missing a Meal Might Be a Primary Relapse Trigger for ALL Addictions!

  • A well-functioning pre-frontal cortex is crucial to sobriety.
  • For the PFC to be able to create willpower, it needs an adequate supply of glucose.
  • Relatively low blood sugar reflects in lower glucose supply to the PFC, thereby lowering willpower, and the ability to say “NO”.
  • Low or dropping blood sugar results in a surge of adrenaline and other stress hormones which impair effective signaling in the PFC.
  • Executive functioning is thereby impaired, leading to a lack of use of recovery and relapse prevention skills in response to a relapse trigger.
  • A hypoglycemia induced stress response may also stimulate a conditioned response towards the use of addictive substances and behaviors

Eat Protein Every 4 hours to Help Prevent Relapse!

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